Winter Beekeeping

For most once the cold, wet weather hits it’s time to stop beekeeping for the year.  But don’t let this weather keep you from being a good beekeeper.  Winter is a great time for beekeeping.  Here’s some things you can be doing now!

  1. Read!  There are a ton of good books on the market and every one will teach you something different, sometimes contradicting other books.  This is a great time to learn about different aspects of beekeeping and to start planning for next year.
  2. Decide what you’ll do next beekeeping season.  Will you try a different kind of treatment or move your hives or do something different?  Plan it now and mark your calendar so you won’t forget crucial dates.
  3. Attend beekeeping meetings.  Meet and greet your fellow beekeepers now while they aren’t busy out in their fields tending their hives.  Like you most are looking for new information, learning new things about keeping bees and ready to share their experiences and with the cold weather setting in they finally have the time to do it!
  4. Order replacement equipment.  If you were taking good notes you should have a feel for anything in the hive that might need to be replaced come spring.  Make a list, check it twice and place an order for anything you’ll need in spring.
  5. Build it!  Once you get any new equipment build it so it’s ready to go.  No reason to wait for the last minute to get things together.  Not only will you be ready if spring comes earlier than planned but you’ll also be sure that you did indeed get everything you’ll need for a successful beekeeping season.


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