UPDATE: We’ve sold out of the kits now.  Thanks for helping us get rid of this inventory folks and for helping us focus on our mission of education!

An update from Ron:

I’ve got some pretty big news, and thought you should know.

We’ve been having a ton of fun helping beekeepers get started with their first hive. Originally I only made one DVD that goes through everything you need to know to get started beekeeping quickly and easily, from A to Z.

Honestly that’s all I wanted to do, and I was having a blast doing it, because it feels good to help new beekeepers get started beekeeping and realize how easy, fun and rewarding it can be.

Over time our customers were telling me they were having troubles finding good beekeeping kits with everything they needed included. Like all the hive parts (including the frames, foundation, queen excluder, bottom board, telescoping lid, etc.) and all the accessories like a smoker, a suit with a veil, a hive tool, etc.

That stuff isn’t simple to get in one easy-to-grab spot. But I wanted to help our customers out. So we went through the process of grabbing a warehouse, finding great suppliers of all the hive parts, the woodenware, the smokers, suits, and on and on.

And we put everything together, packaged it up, and made it dead-simple to get everything you need with one click of your mouse, and in one single purchase.

People love our kits, and I’m super happy about that, and I want to keep selling them.

Here’s the bitter truth though…

Selling kits is HARD :) And it really doesn’t make much money for us, if any.

Every time we run out, we have to go through a huge process of sourcing more, and keeping track of inventory, and parts of tax purposes. And then we have to train our warehouse staff to put together all the parts correctly so you get what you need, and there’s LOTS of parts. And lots of logistics to deal with.

Bottom line… We can’t keep this up any longer, because it just doesn’t make sense for us.

And really, it doesn’t make sense for you either.

Because every minute I spend tracking down our next shipment,  or handling a warehouse issue, or meeting with our tax guys about  inventory parts and costs, is another minute I’m not spending doing what  I’m really good at.

And at the risk of sounding immodest here what I’m good at is creating great educational material that makes beekeeping easier, more fun, and more accessible for people. Especially helping people who’ve never touched a smoker before in their lives start beekeeping quickly and easily.

That’s my core value, that’s what I’m good at, and that’s what I should be doing.   Not being a warehouse manager.   I hate to say it, but this whole “selling kits thing” was a huge distraction.

And once we sell the last remaining 22 kits, we’re done.  No more kits.

At this point, I’m not even really going to try and make a profit on them. I’m just putting them on sale and trying to get rid of them fast.

I hope you understand.  I just wanted to make sure I explained myself because I feel like I owe that to you.

Click this link to grab one of the last quick start beekeeping kits http://www.worldofbeekeeping.com/beekeeping-kit-sale/

Thanks again for supporting WorldOfBeekeeping.com and our efforts to make beekeeping fun and easy for as many people as realistically possible.

And even though we’re getting rid of our kits, this is actually really exciting times.

Why? Because we’ve got some big things planned for the future of World Of Beekeeping. Last night we had a “super-secret” team meeting with lots of furious white-board writing, and debate.

I don’t want to give away too much yet, but I think it’s safe to say we’re getting ready to revolutionize beekeeping education for the better. It’s going to be a lot of work on our end. But getting rid of these kits should help free up our time, and focus our efforts to make your life as a beekeeper more fun, and rewarding.

Keep an eye out for updates if you find yourself interested!

Happy beekeeping! -Ron

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  1. Brendan Byass


    I just ordered one of your kits, the shipping was $100. Are you in Seattle? Can I pick this up? Let me knwo and thanks.


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