Wonder what you should be finding when you’re doing your hive inspections now?

Take a look!

You’ll definitely see the bees pulling out your foundation to make comb.

You should see pollen coming into the hive.  Yellow, orange, red, you name it.  As long as your girls are bringing in pollen!

Depending on how long your bees have been in the hive you might see some capped brood.  The cappings over brood is far darker than the light color cappings over honey so you’ll be able to tell when you see it in person.

Brood and eggs!

What are you finding in your hives?

Photos by Jessica Dally

8 Responses to “What You’re Seeing In Your Hives”

  1. Sherri

    I am starting to see some dead bees outside of the entrance. I was gone for a week and came home to a couple dozen dead bees. Since then I have seen maybe 6-8 per day. Should I be worried? They did run out of sugar water while I was gone but I had left about five quarts. They are bringing in lots of pollen. They are making comb. On sunny days there is lots of activity. Today is rainy and they seem sluggish. They were hived on April 16 and I added the second brooder box on May 11th.

  2. Jessica

    I wouldn’t be worried Sherri. Keep in mind that bees work themselves to death and while working their life can be fairly short (less than a month). Most likely you’re just seeing the bees bringing out their dead.

  3. martha young/waxfever

    I love those pictures. I’m wondering though, are the extremely dark cells, pockets of royal jelly or a young bee being tended? Isn’t the royal jelly for raiseing a queen? for years I have wondered what is propolis? I have heard different answers but would rather hear the answer from someone who knows. maybe because the answer given was a bit negatve to my ear.

    • Jessica

      Propolis is bee glue, used to fill holes in the hive and block out wind. Bees create it from tree sap and it is indeed very sticky. In the pictures dark cells are bee brood and/or areas where brood was in the past. Cells used for honey only rarely turn darker.

  4. Pat

    I am a new beekeeper & have atop feeder. Iam having a terrible time with big black carpenter ants crawling all over the feeder & eating all the syrup. What can I do to be rid of them.? Will they attack the bees?

  5. sue bee

    i started 5 hives this spring. today there are a bunch all hanging out on entrance like a swarm would look like. what is going on? are they getting ready to swarm? is it too hot?


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