Order your Bee packages!

OK so you read our last blog post on the huge sale we’re having and you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to keep bees.  What’s the next step you think as you wait for your box to arrive?  Order your bees!

Getting your package of bees ordered now will make sure that you have bees this season.  But what should you order and where do you order bees?

For most of us the best resource for getting bees locally will be our local beekeeper organization.  To find your local beekeeper association simply google your city or state (or the biggest city near you) and “beekeepers association”.  There you’ll find locals near you who can tell you about ordering packages.

As for what to order there are many different types of bees available depending on your location but the most commonly available are Italian and Carniolan.

Carniolans are generally known for being fairly gentle, good at building up their numbers in spring, and produce good amounts of honey however they are known to be prone to swarming.  Italians aren’t quite as gentle but are said to produce even more honey.

Wonder what a package of bees looks like?  Check out this great video:

Need help finding bees or have questions about the different types of bees to order?  Simply submit a comment to this post below and we’ll help you find bees near you.

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  1. linda maniscalco

    I have a very small back yard where I currently garden. I would like to order some bees and live in Allentown, Pa. What do you recommend?


  2. Jessica

    First I’d suggest asking the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association if they have favorites. You can find them here: http://www.pastatebeekeepers.org/ As these are folks who have likely purchased a LOT of packages they are bound to have opinions on the best places to buy. There looks to be a local group as well who might have even better information… http://lehighvalleybeekeepers.org/aboutus.aspx If these folks are close you could likely rent an extractor from them when the time comes!

    Another company that comes up is this one: http://www.yulesapiaries.com/QueensandNucs.html Please keep in mind that we haven’t done business with any of these folks so this isn’t an endorsement per pe… just some options to try. Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

  3. Jean


    I live just outside of the city of Houston in Texas. I have about an acre of land that I would like to harvest bees on. Do you know of any beekeepers willing to sell bees around Houston? And you mentioned two types of bees, Carniolans and Italians, but from the looks of it, both of these types don’t do so well in very hot areas. The Houston area is one of those places that get very hot. What type would you recommend that is durable during hot seasons? Thanks you for your help


    • Jessica

      There are a couple of things to try in your area. First I’d suggest getting connected with the Houston Beekeepers Association. They may have packaged bees that are coming that you could order. Second Bee Weaver Apiaries sells bees not too terribly far from you in Navasota. It’s a drive but fairly close in the “getting bees” world. They are selling Italian queens so I’d guess that they will do just fine in your area. Certainly you can talk with them as their experience in Texas is more than our own. Best of luck to you!

  4. Harold

    I orderd you bee dvd looking forwerd to getting it can you help me fine wher I can get a bee pakeage localy. Thank you Hrold.


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