Here’s a few more pictures from the last hive inspection.  Unfortunately the weather in Washington was cold, rainy and windy for far too long and thus the bees had been making a lot of burr and brace comb that hadn’t been cleaned up for a while.  Here’s a bit of the mess from the first real hive inspection in over a month.

Lots of honey stores on this frame.  The frame next to it was empty and not pulled out.  These deep stores where the brood should be make doing an inspection difficult as the frames don’t want to come out.  At the bottom you can see some honey that came out of some of the burr and brace disturbed by pulling apart the hive.


An even better look of the ladies cleaning up the spilled honey.


And more of the ladies cleaning up the burr comb on top of the hive.


Nectar being put up.  Fortunately these frames aren’t pulled out quite as deep and I likely won’t disturb them in future inspections.

And a great picture of a drone birth.  Fortunately he took forever to get out of his cell so we had plenty of time to snap some photos.


The lesson from these photographs?  Waiting too long on hive inspections can mean your ladies have had a chance to make a huge mess!  Hopefully the weather will hold out and the inspections can be a bit more regular.

Do you have pictures of your hives or inspections?  Send them to worldofbeekeepinghelp (at) and we’ll post them!

All photographs by Jessica Dally

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