Back in November Netiva ordered an advanced beekeeping kit from World of Beekeeping.  A few months later she sent us this lovely picture and told us how excited she was to keep bees.  One of the great joys for us here at World of Beekeeping is helping folks get started beekeeping and their excitement is contagious!  We had to know more about why Netiva started beekeeping and we wanted to share that with you.

Netiva was born in Israel, went to High School in Paris and University in Chicago where she still lives.  She’s spent most of her years as a college professor in Computer Science and has decided to retire now to pursue writing a novel and keeping bees.

Where will you keep bees?

Netiva: I live in Skokie, which is a suburb of Chicago, and since there is no ordinance here against beekeeping I figured I should try. I’m probably the only beekeeper here. So far I only have the hive which I’m still painting. In April I should get a postcard from Fairmount, Illinois, telling me my bees are ready, and I will drive there to get them rain or shine.  I’ve told my neighbors about my intensions and so far no one objected. I hope no one will get stung.  I’ve taken an 8-hour course on beekeeping, which is certainly not enough until you get to do it hands-on.

What motivated you to keep bees?

Netiva: The actual decision to get started happened to me in the botanic garden when we were stuck in the shop there under the rain. I saw a book on beekeeping and I decided to help save the world.  I hope we can all do this one small hive at a time.  Cheers!

Cheers Netiva!

So what got you to start keeping bees?  Let us know by posting a reply to the blog below.

You can read more about Netiva on her website here

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  1. Steve

    Bees and trees should fit well in Skokie. You can add them to the book about Skokie.”



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