We recently got this great video from Frank from Staten Island and we wanted to know more about him and beekeeping there in New York.  So here’s a bit more about Frank and keeping bees in Staten Island…

I currently live in Staten Island New York.  I live smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood. I have always loved country living, the idea of growing your own food, harvesting and preserving that which you have reaped however moving to the country wasn’t in the cards for me.  So I decided to bring the country to the city.   2 years ago, I purchase my current home, which by the way was going to be demolished to make room for 3 other homes.  I could not let that happen, so I stepped in a saved the property.  I pondered with the idea of creating and urban farm yard, in the city.  One which I could raise chickens, grow fruits and vegetables.  Then it dawned on me if I could do all of this why not get a bee hive too.
And then began my journey.  I even started a blog page about it, an ongoing journey about my social experiment in trying to become sustainable.  I don’t keep up with it as much as I would like to.  Keeping urban livestock, beekeeping, and renovating a 100 year old Victorian home does present some challenges.  Doing all of this, and still, keep a full time job in healthcare, and be a husband too!  Well I got my hands full!

Becoming a beekeeper just seemed like a natural way to go.  Honey bees seemed to fit the profile for our urban farm yard.   Living in the city, you are really limited to what you’re allowed to grow or possess on your property.   However, I was lucky enough to purchase a 7,000 square foot property which lends itself nicely to beekeeping.  I am located near 2 lakes, all of my neighbors are gardeners, and I am surrounded by parks in every direction.

My biggest challenge has been helping them survive the winter into spring.  I just lost my first hive.  After all my hard work, and not to mention all the hard work to bees did in order to survive, they died anyway.  I am saddened by it, but it’s a learning experience. With the next hive I am better prepared for it.  I am so grateful for Ron Upshaw’s web site “World of Beekeeping“.  It has been a world of information and support.  Not to mention that it’s the best place to meet people with the same love of nature as I do.

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