Let’s Meet Up In Real Life!

So, we’ve been thinking about how we can help beekeepers all over the globe help eachother out and get connected.

We have a community forum here on this website with hundreds of members and posts, which is wonderful!

One great and easy way to get connected not only with the forum, but actually in person, is with this neat program below called “My Guest Map.”

Choose your location by zooming in, then just click near your house and it will let you add your information.

For Name: put your name

For Message: put what you are willing to do – i.e. Inspections, field visit, anything, etc…

For Link: put your email address so someone can get a hold of you.

For Photo: Upload a current photo of yourself so people know who you are.

Then click on one of the dorky icons on the bottom… That is what will show up on the map.

If you’re a newbie, offer to pay for their gas, or give the person helping you some honey or something.

If we all follow the golden rule, I think it could be awesome.

Don’t be a mooch. Give some, get some.

Let me know if you like this idea… It’s always great to have someone to help out.

I put my name up there if you are in the Maple Valley, WA area.


10 Responses to “Let’s Meet Up In Real Life!”

  1. Susan fuher

    Wow what a great idea. And a good way to meet people with common interests. Not going to pin till we get bees ordered but do appreciate a place to ask questi9ons and after we learn, to help other people learn.
    Thanks, Sue

  2. john

    I can not retrieve your interview. I received your email answer, but can not see interview.

  3. Loreena Pedersen

    I have had previous beekeeping experience, when I was younger. I want to have bees of my own. I don’t know where to go to get equipment and advice for this area. I am willing to host other people’s hives in return for help and information. We come from Southern Nevada. We live in Sunny Valley OR , North of Grants pass.

  4. Ray Felix

    Anyone should know that bee keepers are the most generous, giving folks around. This map idea can put us all together, this is what America needs right now, all of us pulling together. Good idea Ron, I’m glad I discovered your web site.

  5. Agnes Howren

    Ron, I ordered one of your tapes in October, 2011. I received 3 tapes on 11-2-11. Did not want but one tape. I returned two (2) of the tapes on 12-5-11. I have called 15 times and received no answer but left a message each time for you to call me but you never have. I need a refund on my charge card for the two tapes, please credit my account and call me at 904-765-9989. Call collect if you can’t afford the call. I assume you will honor this request by crediting my account. Also, I would like to ask some questions about beekeeping.
    Thank you for your courtesy and prompt attention to this request.

    Agnes Howren
    Order # 186378395
    Order # 186378395

    • Jessica

      We’ll be contacting you about your order via email by tomorrow at the latest. Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

  6. Agnes Howren

    Jessica, I still haven’t received an e-mail about my account, as you promised above on 3-27. It is now 4-4 and I would like to hear something from someone or see a credit on my account. This can’t be a good advertisement for your company but I’m not giving up!!

    • Jessica

      Agnes, we’ve sent you several emails and credited your account. I’m sorry that you’re not receiving these emails but perhaps your email is blocking our account? Can you please check your spam folder to see if that’s the issue?


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