No matter where you are in the US (and in many cases around the globe) this seems to be a hard year.  Much of the country is hot… too hot and those of us in the Northwest it’s cold and rainy.

So what do you do when the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Well first, figure out what your bees need.

If it’s warm can you give the bees a bit more ventilation by cracking the lid or drilling a single hold into boxes?  Can you find a way to make them some shade?  And most importantly, are you keeping up with their water?  Make sure they have lots to drink in hot weather and that will help quite a bit.

If it’s cold and rainy for you the advice is different.  First remember not to do hive inspections when it’s too windy, or raining or cold.  Your bees don’t like that and it can stress them out.  Find a time when the weather is better to do a full inspection.

And if you don’t have time when the weather is good simply peek inside to see if your bees need more room and figure out if they’re doing OK.

As a beekeeper you’re probably becoming even more aware of the weather than ever before and while it can make beekeeping difficult it also is simply a part of the job!

How is the weather affecting your hives?  Let us know in the comments below.

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