As many of you know we have a sale going on to get you started beekeeping this year.  A few folks have asked us if it’s too late to get started in their area and for virtually everyone the answer is No!  It’s not too late to start!

That said, if you want to keep bees you need to act now.  You’ll need to assemble your gear and get it painted and ready to go prior to the arrival of your package of bees.

Wonder what you’re getting with the kit?  Check out this video of Ron going through what will come in the mail when you order from us and why these things are important to have.

To get the discount on our Advanced  Beekeeping Kit click here.

But I’m not sure if I want to keep bees!

Not sure that beekeeping is right for you?  That’s why we’re also having a very big sale

on our beginning beekeeping video.  It will help you decide if beekeeping is something you’re ready to do.

The video is on sale right now at a 66% discount.  It covers everything you need to know to start beekeeping for the absolute beginner.  Don’t have a clue where to start?  This is the video for you.

Get the discounted DVD price here.

We’d love it if you’d share this with your friends.  Our goal is to help as many beekeepers and potential beekeepers get started as we possibly can so thank you for helping us spread the word.  Let’s bring back the bees!

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