Hey everyone, it’s Ron.

I have a long drive into work every day. To make the time go by
quicker, I listen to a lot of podcasts.

One of my favorites story tellers is a man named Robert Krulwich.
He’s the NPR science reporter and co-host of a science show called
Radio Lab.

And he also does really interesting stories about bees.

Here’s a link to a story he did about the police in the UK using honey
bees to see if people are genetically modifying plants illegally.


This is a fascinating story on how bees use group think to find a new
home after a swarm.


And another story of people who are now chasing swarms….

Finally, if bees were cars, what would their MPG be?

I hope you enjoy Robert’s reporting as much as I do, and learn
something along the way.



3 Responses to “Interesting Audio Programs About Bees”

  1. Geri Taran

    Thanks for your prodigious energies in finding and sharing good information. I will look at every one of the links.

    Geri Taran
    Muda’s Bees

  2. Pedro Cordoba

    John your information as always is fresh and amaizing…I admire the bees…thanks


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