OK, so you decided that this is the year to keep bees and you ordered our advanced beekeeping kit but now what?  Well, it’s time to get it put together and painted as soon as possible.  The first step would be to assemble your hive boxes and bottom board.  Since these will need a couple of coats of paint it’s best to start there.

Here’s how to assemble the bottom board from your kit:

Once you’ve put these together, slap on that first coat of paint and while it’s drying you can start assembling frames.  Here’s how to paint your hives quickly and without too much mess:

Now that those all have a coat of paint and are drying it’s time to get those frame together.  While smaller they have a number of parts and take a bit of time so don’t put this off.  Each box holds 10 of these so there’s quite a few to build to get started.

Not hard right?  It does take some time to get everything together though so we really suggest you start putting this together when you get your kit in the mail.

Still not sure what to do?  Just let us know what questions you have about putting your hives together and we’ll do our best to answer your questions here!

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  1. rick

    I received my kit today and got right on it. Problem is, I’m missing the very first board–the one with a flat on one side and groove on the other–instead I have two boards that are that way so there’s no way to fasten all of the pieces for the bottom board section. Also, the tongue and grooves are very loose and, in some cases a little off center so when they’re assembled, it’s not exactly flat. I guess I can just caulk these areas on the outside, but I was surprised at the fit after watching your how-to video. Also, I received another “DIY Basic Beekeeping” video. I purchased one about a month ago. Can I please return this and have the cost deducted from my order? Thank you for your prompt attention so I can get my bees up and going!

  2. rick

    Ron, After checking the rest of the box contents I noticed that 6 of the frame side pieces are broken on one end or the other. Would you please send replacements for them as well as the missing bottom board (flat side + groove).

    I did not see in your videos if the bottom and or hive pieces can be glued as well as nailed. I think it would make a stronger construction but didn’t know if you didn’t mention because it would be harmful to the bees or if it was just an oversight? Please expedite the needed pieces so I can give my bees a home soon. Thanks again. Rick

  3. Jessica

    Rick, we’re working on getting those pieces out to you. So sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience! As for glue, you definitely can use it (if you were going for organic regulations there might be some rules there but I’ll assume you’re not for the sake of clarity). I personally put a drop of glue on most parts… it adds the the length of time to assemble things but does add a bit of strength as you suggest. That said if you do use glue go light so you don’t have glue coming out from between the wood. As a note, lots of beekeepers don’t glue… it’s really just a personal choice so it’s really up to you. I would definitely suggest looking for a glue that is non-toxic for obvious reasons.
    Let us know how things go! -Jessica

  4. rick

    Correction on the frame side pieces: It should read 7 broken ones–all from the larger boxes.

  5. rick

    Would you please provide more info regarding the use of the plastic trays included in the kit?
    When/how are they used? Thanks!


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