Do you want to talk to other beekeepers in our forums but you’re not sure how to get started?  Here’s a visual guide that will get you posting on the forums!

First, you need to find the forums.  You’ll see the link at the top of our web page.  Just look for “Forum”!


Once on the forums page you can search at will to find the information you’re looking for.  But it may be that your question hasn’t been answered already, or maybe you’ve tried something that worked really well and you want to share.  To post on the forums you’ll need to register.


Once you’ve gone through the registration process you’ll be able to reply and post topics.  If you’ve found a question and you’d like to reply to something someone else has posted you can find the reply button at the bottom of the thread of responses.

If you’ve searched high and low for your specific question and you simply can’t find an answer posted already you can post your own question in the forums.  Again, you’ll want to choose the right category for your post and then you’ll start a new topic.

Hopefully these instructions will help you participate in our forums community with ease.


One final note, our spam filter is a bit finicky.  If you get a message that you’re spam when you try to register simply email worldofbeekeepinghelp (at), let us know a few possible user names you’d like us to try and we’ll get you registered asap.


Post away!





























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