Ever wonder how to feed your bees before winter?

How should you mix your sugar water? What type of pests, or diseases should you prevent against, and how should you do that?

And once you’ve got your sugar water mixed up, how do you make sure your bees can get to it? What is a top feeder? And how you you install it on your hives?

All those answers and more are answered in the video below. Just click play to check it out!

Click here to see the basic beekeeping DVD.

6 Responses to “How To Feed Your Bees With A Top Feeder”

  1. julie

    I found a very large bee hive under a mobile home. I was wondering if i should move it and if so how do I go about doing this.

  2. William

    I will be starting my beekeeping hobby in the coming year 2011. I live in the Northern part of California. I would like to start with three hives. When should I begin getting ready and start ordering supplies and bee hives. Oh, and what advice do you have for preparing myself, should I order the dvd?

  3. M. Goldsmith

    My bees are very active now in my big leaf maple here in CA’s central valley. I understand that willows also provide bees with early spring feeding opportunities. I’d already planned to plant willows next to our pond for erosion control, so would you know what varieties of native CA willows might also be best suited for honey bees? Thanks.

    M. Goldsmith
    Galt, CA

  4. george taylor

    we live 330 miles south of our 3 acres in the woods. How often do I need to be there and when? Spring,Summer,Fall, winter??

    330 miles at 15 miles to the gallon is 20 gallons of gas each way, so I want to budget for that. The weather there in January-April is FREEZING.



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