There are a number of different types of hive covers available.  Here’s a look at each kind and when you’d use it.

This is a migratory cover.  It has sides that extend only over the front and the back of the hive.  This style cover is generally used by migratory beekeepers (beekeepers who move their hives around for pollination).  They use this type of cover because it allows hive boxes to be places directly next to each other on pallets.

This is a typical telescoping cover.  It has sides that extend down on all sides.  It is used with an inner cover which allows you to remove the bulky outer cover easily.  This cover provides a bit more protection from the elements than a migratory cover.

This is also a telescoping cover but as you can see, it’s a bit fancier.  There are lots of different designs for these decorated outer covers.  In general this simply adds to the beauty of your hive however these covers can also be heavier which may help in areas with high winds.

What type of cover do you use?

Photos by Jessica Dally

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