A little bit ago we helped a local beekeeping establishment in my area with their order of about a thousand packages of bees.

We helped them assemble some frames, and helped with a few customers orders, getting things down from the rafters, etc.

And then we installed a few packages for ourselves!

We filmed a bit of the action too.

Here it is! Hope you enjoy!

2 Responses to “Hanging Out With 4 Million Bees (Give Or Take A Few)”

  1. Angela Hugenschmidt

    I am a beginner beekeeper. I still toggle between the big city and the country abode.

    I installed the bees on June 4th with the Queen box squeezed between two frames. I have not yet put in the tenth frame I left out when I put the bees in, and I have not retrieved the box the queen came in. I was wondering should I go in and just ease the frame in now. I am a little apprehensive because I am on my own right now and my partner is not so eager to assist on the weekend. Do I need smoke at this stage? I generally feel at ease with the bees but also know that you should not irritate them.

    We just had a few days of terrible rain. I fed them the sugar syrup in jars from the top placed on two sticks each. The empty supers allow a big jar, two small jars and the cover to fit. There is a lot of activity visible near the entrance. I have not yet inspected the hove for eggs and just hope at that all is well.

    Your video is great to watch. It seems that I did everything right at the beginning.


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