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"Since I am a new bee, I have found your DVD and all of your [beekeeping kit] very informative. Keep up the great work at let all of us new want to be beekeepers looking forward to your next newsletters.

"I really enjoy the fact that you are enjoying what your doing. You can tell by the way that you write, that you love this. It makes me want to have bees of my own. Here in the next month I am hoping that I am going to be in the position to start up my own hives. I need to have all the information that I can possibly get and I am sure that I will get it from your newsletters and your Dvd. As soon as all my plans are set, I will be investing. You can quote anything that you think is useful. I appreciate your information and dedication.
Thank you! Teri Wreyford"

"Hi, Ron.
Thanks for the informative newsletters. I have 2.5 acres of land in the west Antelope Valley with some fruit trees and I am planning to start a hive this coming spring to help pollenate the trees. One thing I hadn't thought about until reading one of your newsletters was ANTS!!! There is an ant colony on the property and I will eventually need to deal with that problem. I think your DVD would be a good investment and plan to purchase one soon. Thanks again.

Easy To Understand Plain English Beekeeping Advice

A great springboard into the world of beekeeping.

  • Complete with advice for what you need to start, what is really necessary and what is optional, and how to decide.
  • Make educated decisions on what to buy, and how much you should pay. (How to make sure you don't get ripped off...)
  • Current information that works for today's beekeeping environment.
  • Step by step instructions...
  • Bridges the gap between the usual vague coverage of a beginning beekeeping guide and the hard to understand thick manuals.
  • Covers all the basics and essentials you need to know. From getting started all the way through harvesting your honey.

Everything You Need To Know To Start Your First Hive

Even if you're an absolute beginner who's never touched a hive.

  • Learn how to set up your hive the correct way, miss a few critical elements and your bees may be in for some trouble.
  • Discover what tools you need, and which will just waste your time and money.
  • Understand the difference between the different types of bees and why you need to know.
  • Uncover the one critical mistake you must avoid when installing a package of bees. This could literally be the difference between having a happy healthy hive, or having your bees fly away forever.
  • Learn the parts of a hive, and the necessary terminology.
  • Answers to questions you probably haven't even thought to ask.

Don't Believe The Myth You Need To Be An Expert To Keep Bees

It's simply not true. Almost anyone can keep bees.

  • With the right information, almost anyone can keep bees and make their own honey. Even if you're in the middle of a busy city.
  • How to keep bees in urban areas.
  • How to overcome "sting phobia" quickly and easily.
  • Discover when bees are most likely to be happy, or a little "annoyed." How to tell the difference, and what to do in each situation.
  • How to show your friends and family your hive without risking their health, or a panic attack.
  • Insider secrets to making beekeeping easier, simpler, and more fun.
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