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Nuc BOX uses
« on: April 10, 2016, 07:15:30 PM »
Not actually about nucs, but about the stiff-white-posterboard type nuc boxes available thru several suppliers

While these things are a TOTAL Pain-In-The-*ss to fold properly, once they are together, they have two advantages:

Light and ventilated.

Lightness:  Ever try to carry a full-sized hive up a ladder to place under a swarm to 'shake it down' ?  Yeah, me too.  Never again! You can hold the cardboard nuc box in one hand while you shake the swarm into it.

And no worries about suffocating them when taking them home.there's plenty of cracks and punched holes.

They're also useful for trap-outs, if you direct your screen wire cone into a hole cut in the back of it, the bees get used to being in a 'real' hive and don't try so hard to get back into the feral nest. ( Hint: DON'T cut the hole dead-center as it will then be in line with a frame end-bar and block the cone end).  After they start storing in the nuc box. you can drill into the feral nest and smoke them liberally for about 5 minutes at a time every 15 minutes over the course of an hour or two and usually the queen will migrate.

Now..........the wooden nucs or 'half-hives' as I call them:  Great for getting smaller swarms going......not so much territory to defend, conserves heat in cooler weather, and when its time to go to full-size, just lift out the five frames and place in the center of a ten-frame box.

And easier to check the integrity of a newly-caught swarm.

Last spring I caught three in a card-board nuc, one in a wooden nuc, one in a full width hive body....checked them all a few days later and only one ( in the CB box ) had a queen.  What to do ?

Placed the five frames from the CB nuc in the center of a full sized box, put the 5 from the wooden nuc around them, then a sheet of newspaper with a few slits and the other full-sizer.  Within 15 minutes they were working to carry the newspaper out the front........and by late August had filled both deeps and I put a medium on 'just in case'.

The small (football-sized ) swarm that was queen-right must have had a VERY prolific queen......hope to split the colony and put both halves in first a full-sized, then in the 20 x 20 13-framers I'm building.

If the genetics of the present queen carry over, I should have 52 frames plus some mediums by summers end.

I'm all outa bright ideas, hope this helps somebody.

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Re: Nuc BOX uses
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2016, 09:47:34 AM »
That's a very interesting way to do a trap out for catching feral bees. How about some pictures or a graphic to show exactly how it's done. Could even do U-tube video to demonstrate folding a box.
P.S. Thanks for sharing.
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