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Welcome Smallhive , This is quite the idea you got here, unfortunately in our area anything but Langstroth hives are unexceptable and possibly illegal in the eyes of our inspector. in conclusion good luck with your enterprise and please keep us posted on your results.
Introduce Yourself / Re: It's time
« Last post by pymaplumber on Today at 08:10:38 AM »
Welcome to the forum Doug !! Did you order a package or nuke ? You will find lots of interesting post on this site so I in courage you to look around and check them out. Again welcome and feel free to post your adventures in bee keeping.
Introduce Yourself / It's time
« Last post by AltusOutlaw on September 22, 2017, 10:25:27 AM »
Hello from the state of Missouri. I've been considering raising bee's for awhile now and decided to get it a shot. I've just received my Med 8 frame Langstroth hive yesterday and will order my bee's in December ( very excited ). I have read books upon books on the subject and I think I'm ready.
 A little about me.  I'm 54 yrs of age I love being outdoors. I hunt , fish , trap , and have a small farm that I share with my wife of 32 yrs. Thanks for the acceptance

                                                                                                           God Bless
Hello everybody,

I am a French Warré hobbyist beekeeper and author of the Small Hive Project (
This non-commercial project is about a small horizontal hive that I designed for backyard beekeeping.
Starting from spring 2018, I will populate 4 copies of this hive and share my experience on the website.

You may wish to participate in the project by building your own copy of the hive. To do this, you may build it from scratch OR transform
one of your Warré hives. Independent experimental data is necessary to evaluate the real potential of the hive design.

All necessary information is available on the project website.
New content will be added over the course of the project.
Stay tuned by subscrbing to the Newsletter on the website

The Hive has been designed to meet the following requirements:
- favor bee colony survival in low-input beekeeping situations (no Varroa treatment, no sugar feeding).
- adapted to rather small bee colonies of Apis Mellifera in environments dominated by agriculture (moderate nectar flow).
- suitable for comb honey production (Low productivity is acceptable, as long as sufficient for personal use.) easy to build and to manage.

Hive plans and more information are available on the website.

Feel free to comment the project.

Thank you!
Question #1 Has there been any kind of spraying going on in your area lately ? If so could be a reaction to poison.

Question #2 Do you have lot's of dead bee's laying around ? This time of year they could have been raided by yellow jackets of hornets.

Question #3 Is there sign of hive beetles ? They can wipe out a colony in day's.

Question #4 Most important did you see the Queen if she died you may have a laying worker, if that's the case the rest of the hive is lost.

Hi guys. I have a very odd problem, one that even google doesn't seem to have heard of before. Months ago, my hive was very healthy. New queen was laying at a phenomenal rate. Bees were storing huge amounts of pollen and nectar, and filling frames with honey.

Over the last couple of inspections, i started seeing fewer food resources, but wan't worried because the queen was doing such a great job, and the colony numbers were increasing. Two weeks ago, I had trouble finding eggs, but at least there was larvae. Yesterday an inspection showed they have completely eaten all of their resources. There was no nectar or honey, and very little pollen. I did see a few bees with pollen on their legs, so they are foraging.

Here is the weird part. They are ignoring sugar water in any form. I bought a nice top feeder from Mann Lake, but they absolutely won't use it now. I went down there last night and put the front entrance feeder back on, but this morning... zero bees eating from it. Keep in mind that only a couple of months ago, they loved both feeders. The loved the 1:1 ration sugar water. This is well water, so there are no chemicals, and it is the same water they drank and loved only months ago. They used to even swarm my hummingbird feeders, but now they ignore that too. This is my first and only hive, so unfortunately I have no other resources to rob from.

I feel the queen isn't laying because they are starving themselves and her. I have researched this but am coming up empty. Local beekeepers are stumped. I just went down there and put plain sugar on top of of the frames on parchment paper, but feel that isn't going to do much if they don't have water. The hive is in trouble.
Anyone ever heard of this before? Bees that don't even want sugar water? Zero honey and zero nectar and they still won't eat?
Thanks for any advice in advance.
General Beekeeping / Re: Meanest bee's I've ever seen
« Last post by pymaplumber on September 11, 2017, 10:52:36 PM »
picture of the house comb is about 5 feet long.
General Beekeeping / Meanest bee's I've ever seen
« Last post by pymaplumber on September 11, 2017, 08:21:04 AM »
I had a man call me the other day to see if I could remove some bee's. I guess the Electric Company wanted to get to his line to do some work but the bee's wouldn't let them. I decided to go ahead and do a cut out even though it's late in the year. Every thing was going good, then it started bee's all over me stinging through my gloves and bouncing off my suit. I was using my bee vacuum and they were all over my hand stinging and biting. I took the ones that were vacuumed up to my bee yard and sprayed them down with sugar water apparently not enough because when I opened it up I was surrounded by bee's , my son was standing about 50 feet away and a few went after him stinging him 3 times in his face, as I walked away for a couple hundred yards they were still buzzing me and trying to sting me. Moral of this story leave the bee's alone this time of year.
All Natural Beekeeping / Re: Starting out total foundationless
« Last post by Sour Kraut on September 10, 2017, 06:39:18 PM »
I would like to go foundationless.

Why ?

What's the big attraction  of 'foundationless' ??
General Beekeeping / Re: BEES not capping larve
« Last post by Blacksheep on September 06, 2017, 02:26:05 PM »
WE did put on some formic acid yesterday and I will add a couple of frames of capped larvae and hope this will help.I will post the r3esults!Thanks,Bill
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