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Basic Beekeeping 101 / Bee science
« Last post by pymaplumber on November 11, 2017, 11:52:33 AM »
Smallhiveproject  posted awhile ago about building smaller warren hives for his bees and as I read his page I found a report that I thought interesting so I thought I would share.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello and Shalom
« Last post by pymaplumber on November 11, 2017, 11:13:41 AM »
Welcome Bee Charmer ! I hope you adventure in bee keeping is a pleasant one This is the time of year most bee keepers in the North dread. The long cold days and nights our bees are huddled in their hive and we have no clue to how they're doing. We hope we did our best to prepare them, buy wrapping the hive and making sugar boards or what ever for extra food for what is coming in the hope they will still be here in the spring.
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello and Shalom
« Last post by Ky Bee charmer on November 10, 2017, 11:49:14 PM »
Hello,another new bee here,just started bee keeping this year,with the help of my brother. We are both retired and have wild captured 4 swarms. We have developed these into good hives which given our limited experience seem healthy. Have requeened 2 of them. Learning curve is very steep,have made some mistakes,but none that were devastating. Glad to find a forum for input.
General Beekeeping / Re: Meanest bee's I've ever seen
« Last post by pymaplumber on October 16, 2017, 10:42:58 AM »
I checked the hive on 10-13-17  the new queen has been laying and they have capped brood I applied a formic acid treatment to get rid of any mites that they may have. The weather is starting to change so I don't know how much longer I'll be able to get into the hives for inspections.
General Beekeeping / Re: Season winding down in Western IL
« Last post by Sour Kraut on October 05, 2017, 08:48:02 AM »
Spent a week and a half of mornings cleaning 20 years' accumulation of 'old radio station stuff' out of 2 bays of my 3-car garage.

Two pick-up loads (heaping) to the electronics recycle place, two more loads to the scrap metal place

That's not counting the two 2-yard dumpster loads in my dumpster plus one in the neighbor's dumpster.

And the 4 sets of tires (no idea WHERE they came from), that I set out with a 'TAKE EM' sign....gone in two days.

But now I have the room to really get my old Sear Radial Arm Saw set up properly, with a large enough extension on each side that I can rip a sheet of plywood un-aided.

And I'm on a Quest For An Old Craftsman Cast-Iron-Construction Table Saw, like the one we used to have in Industrial Arts class in High School.

When I get that, it's time to start woodenware construction in earnest.
General Beekeeping / Re: Season winding down in Western IL
« Last post by AltusOutlaw on October 03, 2017, 03:52:59 PM »
Don't know much about raising bee's yet. But that don't sound to bad to me.
Sorry I didn't see this response earlier. To answer your questions;
1. No, but good question
2. No dead bees, no signs of raiding
3. Yes. Some hive beetles. Nothing too excessive. I have since installed beetle traps.
4.  I always see the queen. This time she looked thinner.

I suspected mites causing the issues. Did a sugar roll and was correct. Rookie error for not checking sooner. Since I had no oxalic acid available, I coated all bees with powdered sugar. When I checked my bottom board, it was coated with mites, so the sugar did a tremendous job. I waited 4 days and sugar coated again. Again mites on the bottom board, but not near as many. I also put the front feeder back on and granulated sugar on parchment paper on top of the frames. That did the trick. They have since sucked down gallons of syrup and cups of granulated sugar. I also added pollen patties after the sugar. They did an amazing rebound in just one week. Queen filled up as many vacancies as she could with eggs. After the one week inspection i saw a range of larvae age, indicating she started laying almost immediately when I added the sugar and syrup and knocked off some mites. They also filled frames with nectar and pollen. Things are looking great again.
I have received my oxalic acid and am looking at some foggers now. Going to get this mite thing licked.
Thanks for your response pymaplumber.
General Beekeeping / Season winding down in Western IL
« Last post by Sour Kraut on October 03, 2017, 05:58:55 AM »
Last few 'very warm for October' days here this week, I believe.  Couple more mid-80's days then 70's and 60's for highs.

Did the Formic Acid Pad mite treatment last week, and also tried the 'Swifter Pad' beetle trap...caught one beetle in 7 colonies so I don't think i have a problem there.

Feeding two 'lightweight' colonies, going to feed till they stop taking it.

Mixing 2:1 syrup is a lot easier if you:
1) Drag out the turkey fryer burner
2) Use it to heat the water
That puts the pot down lower for easier stirring, and you can see down into the pot better.
And of course you can do it in the garage, no spills in the house.......

Planning a Road Trip in early April, to NC and TN to pick up packages.

Have big plans for 2018......splits, new packages from three different suppliers.......want to increase the genetic diversity with the packages and raise new queens from the present colonies.

Box score:   
Started with three overwintered.
Two packages
Three swarms ...actually four but combined one with a package whose queen didn't lay.

20 gallons honey off the three over-wintered colonies.
The 13-frame (will be 12 frame in 2018, 13 is too crowded) colony produced half the honey.

General Beekeeping / Re: Meanest bee's I've ever seen
« Last post by pymaplumber on October 02, 2017, 08:53:43 PM »
On this cut out the bees were between the outside siding and 1"x 8" boards and the interior wall with no insulation after I took out the comb I scraped  the wall and boards down to get rid of the wax I then sprayed Clorox on the areas I scraped. After putting the main boards back I used 25# felt paper to protect against rain then finished up with the wood siding. I don't think they can get back in but time will tell.
General Beekeeping / Re: Meanest bee's I've ever seen
« Last post by AltusOutlaw on October 02, 2017, 01:07:33 PM »
I don't know squat about removing bee's and I really don't think I will ever do it it but I have a question.
When you remove a hive like that how well do you have to clean it out and will other bee's start a hive in there even if all the comb is gone.
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