In the year 2010 New York City officially made keeping bees completely legal and totally OK to do.

In previous years New York City actually classified bees as a dangerous species and because of that keeping bees was outlawed. But no longer is that the case! (Although if you ask around you’ll find that many people were keeping bees secretly anyhow and just not getting caught for the most part.)

But now that it’s a completely legal activity, some New Yorkers are taking up the activity, and even putting beehives on the roofs of their apartments/condos.

Although beekeeping won’t get you in trouble with the law, New York City is still a very densely populated area full of people not used to seeing hives on the top of their roofs. Because of this, many New York beekeepers are using “camouflaged” hives that blend in with rooftops. And some have even gone to the trouble of modifying their beekeeping suits to resemble a uniform of maintenance workers to avoid attention.

Ahh the lengths devoted beekeepers will to go tend to their hives :)

It’s just way too much fun!

If you’ve decided you’d like to start beekeeping yourself click here to grab our free beekeeping quick start kit.

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