We recently received a question from a follower on how to put foundation into frames.  Depending on the frames the procedure can be drastically different.

If you purchased a kit from us (when we still sold them) then you’ll have one of the easiest times ever putting foundation into the frames… simply slide the foundation in.  With other manufacturers there might be other methods.

Here’s the common types of frames and how you’d put in foundation:

Wedged-Top Bar:  With this style frame you actually remove a strip of wood (already mostly pre-cut) from the frame, insert the foundation and then nail the piece or wedge back in to hold the foundation.  This takes quite a bit of work and the tiny strip of wood is prone to splitting when nailing it back to the frame.

Grooved-Top Bar:  You can only use certain types of foundation with this style of frame.  With both the bottom and top of the frame having grooves there’s only one way to get the foundation into the frame… bow it out to snap it in.  This means you will likely use plastic foundation as wax will not bow out easily without breaking.  It is also possible to use this frame type and wax in smaller foundation but mostly people use plastic foundation with this type of frame.

Split-Top Bar:  This is the type we’ve sold previously with our beekeeping kits.  With this type of frame you simply slide the foundation into the slit at the top of the frame until it’s seated in the bottom groove and you’re done!

Want to see that in action?  Check out beekeeper Ron show you how to build frames and install foundation:

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