Bottling Honey On The Cheap

Honey Gate
Photo by Jessica Dally

As with any hobby there is an endless list of things you can purchase to make your life easier and your wallet lighter!  But if you’re not rolling in the cash you might want to save a bit of money when beekeeping rather than buying every single thing.

Here’s a trick to make your life a bit easier and make honey bottling and processing a bit cheaper.

When it comes to bottling honey you will need some special equipment if you don’t want to make a huge mess.  Pouring honey out of a bucket or pot is messy work and might well cause you to lose more honey than you’d like.  But purchasing a honey tank is often unnecessary for your average hobby beekeeper.

So what to do if you need to bottle honey?

First, go to your local grocery store, preferably a place with either a bulk section or a prepared foods and/or bakery section.  These stores often get large amounts of food grade products in buckets and often these buckets are thrown away.  Nicely tell these folks that you’re a beekeeper and you’d gladly trade a jar of honey for the employees for a food grade bucket or two in good condition.  It’s likely these folks will be more than glad to help you out and with these buckets not going to use anyway it’s not much to ask.

If you don’t have a place that is able to give you a bucket you can try restaurant supply places as they often have food grade containers that they sell as well though of course now you’re talking about buying something!  Either way make sure you’re using FOOD GRADE plastic.

Now you’ll need to get a honey gate.  In theory any spigot will do but the amount of time it takes to get honey out of a small hole will likely mean you’ve fallen asleep before finishing even the first jar of honey so investing in a honey gate is more than worth the cost.

Now simply make a hole in your bucket or container and voila!  You have a perfect honey container to use for bottling.

How do you bottle your honey?  Let us know in the comments below.

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