BIG Beekeeping SALE!



Hey friends,
I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for being a part of the family!  I really appreciate it, and as my way of saying thanks, I’m throwing a sale on my Basic Beekeeping DVD because it’s nearing the end  of summer.  The end of summer is one of the best times to  learn how to start beekeeping. And if you’ve been thinking about it  at all, I really encourage you to find out more right now.

Normally the DVD  sells for $59.97 but for the next few days only I’m reducing it to $19.99.

I continue to get really pumped about how fast our family of beekeepers has grown. I mean we launched our website just two years ago and we have over 39,000 people who have signed up for our beekeeping newsletter, and over 3,000 members on our community forum!  That really is exciting, and makes my efforts in helping beekeepers all that much more rewarding. And I feel like because you have given so much to me, that I want to give back.

That’s a steal of a deal if I don’t say so myself.  I can’t sell it at that price forever, but if you act fast, you’ll get a great deal.

Again, thanks for being part of the family.  I really appreciate all your generosity and support, it means a lot to me.
And happy Beekeeping!


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