Beginner Beekeeping DVD

Discover How To Start Beekeeping Quickly And Easily

A few years ago, I traded in my urban lake view condo in Seattle for 10 acres in the country. I wanted to try my hand at a different kind of living. I planted my first garden, bought my first goat, and my brother said, “you should get a bee hive out here.” Sounded like a good idea to me.

I heard about how bees were disappearing, and I love me some honey, so I decided to buy some bees. I got a few books, and looked around for a DVD that would show me the basics and found that there really wasn’t much out there for the beginner. There’s plenty of material if you have a PhD in entomology, but if you just want to know how to light your smoker, there’s not much in the way of DVD instruction.

I’ll take you through an entire year for the new beekeeper. We’ll cover all the basics: what kind of gear will you need? How do you install a package of bees? How do I get the honey?

It runs 90 minutes long.

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Basic Beekeeping DVD: Previews

I had done some television production in the past, so I decided I’d make the DVD that I wish was there when I started.

I thought I’d put up a few previews from the DVD.

The Full Contents are:

  • Inside The Hive: Introduces you to the three types of bees and their roles inside the hive.
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  • The concept of ‘Bee Space’
  • The Basic Gear you’ll need
  • The Hive Tool
  • The Frame Grabber
  • Protective Clothing – Bee Suit, Veil, & Gloves
  • Woodenware – the hive boxes
  • Queen Exlcuder
  • Feeders
  • Smoker
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  • Spring Checklist
  • Installing a package of bees
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  • Making sugar syrup to feed your bees
  • Summer Checklist
  • Basic Hive Inspection
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  • Fall Checklist
  • Harvesting Your Honey
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  • Winter Checklist
  • What to do over the winter

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