Beekeeping Supers: Westerns

You won’t need cowboy boots to use this kind of honey super but what the heck is a western super?  Many people also call this size super a medium super.  Slightly larger than a shallow super and quite a bit smaller than a deep super this box can be used for brood bodies or honey supers.

In the picture above you can see the difference in size between a Western or medium super and a shallow super.

As mentioned, Western supers can be used in the place of the deep supers for the brood body of the hive.  If you use Western supers you’ll need to use three of them to make enough space for the brood.

One trick that some beekeepers do is to use ONLY Western size supers for their entire hive, both the brood area and honey supers.  This allows you to have only one size of equipment, handy when it comes time to replace a frame or foundation.

Doing this can also be helpful to get bees to move through a queen excluder.  Simply place one of the frames of brood from the brood boxes above the queen excluder and the bees will go through the excluder to tend the brood.  Just make sure you don’t get the frame that has the queen on it or you’ll have brood in your honey supers and no brood in your brood body!

Anyone here use only Western size supers?  Let us know how you like that system in the comments below!

Photo by Jessica Dally

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