Many of our fans are beginning beekeepers, overwhelmed with all the things needed to get started beekeeping.

What do I need?  What do I have to have to get started?

As many of you know, for a while we attempted to bring you kits to fit this need but eventually we realized that selling kits was taking away from what we really want to do… teach people beekeeping!

Fortunately we’ve now partnered with a great company who will be selling and distributing kits.  Best yet…

They Come Assembled!

This is Russ and guess what? He’s Ron’s brother-in-law!

Check out how beautiful these hives look!

In summary here’s what you’ll get:

  • Two deep hive boxes (with all frames and foundations.)
  • One medium super box (with all frames and foundations.)
  • A weather resistant telescoping lid (for the top of your hive.)
  • A screened bottom board (for a foundation and to keep your bees cool in summer.)
  • An entrance reducer (for winter/cold weather.)
  • A high quality stainless smoker (for calming your bees.)
  • A hive tool (for moving and scraping frames, etc.)
  • bee brush ( for gently moving bees )
  • A full beekeeping suit. (A high quality very comfortable hooded suit and veil.)
  • High quality soft leather beekeeping gloves.
  • 2 Jar inside feeder (feeds your bees and easily fits inside on top of your inner cover.)
  • Our very own “Basic Beekeeping” DVD *AND* Our “Beyond The Basics” DVD. So you get two full length DVDs to get you going right away.

You’ll get all of this for only $499.99 + shipping!

To find out more and get started with your quick start beekeeping equipment kit click HERE!


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