The Only Kit Designed To Get You Started Beekeeping And Produce Honey. Includes The All Of The Hive Parts, A Suit, Veil, Smoker, Hive Tool, And Much Much More…

Other Beginner Kits Let You Keep Honey Bees But Don’t Include The Pieces Necessary For Making Honey. Now That Problem Has Been Solved For You With The Kit On This Page.

These Kits Are Already Assembled
And No Assembly Is Required.

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Limited Supply

This woodenware is proudly made in the USA.

UPDATE: These kits now come *fully* assembled.
No assembly is required. 


If you want to start beekeeping the right way and have everything you need to not only keep bees, but to actually get honey, then this is the kit for you. And quite frankly, there isn’t anything as complete anywhere on the internet. Other kits will leave you needing more parts at a later time, but not this one! You are truly one click away from having everything you need to start keeping bees and producing honey.

Not only does this kit include one bottom “deep box” but it also includes the second deep box, and a “western super” as well (which is the smaller box on top where you get your honey from.)

In addition, this kit includes a full beekeeping suit, not just a veil.

In summary here’s what you’ll get:

  • Two deep hive boxes (with all frames and foundations.)
  • One western super shallow box (with all frames and foundations.)
  • A weather resistant telescoping lid (for the top of your hive.)
  • A bottom board (for a foundation and to make sure your bees can exit the hive.)
  • An entrance reducer (for winter/cold weather.)
  • A high quality stainless smoker (for calming your bees.)
  • A hive tool (for moving and scraping frames, etc.)
  • A full beekeeping suit.
  • High quality soft leather beekeeping gloves.
  • A high quality very comfortable hat and veil.
  • Plastic inside feeder (feeds your bees and easily fits inside the hive in place of a frame.)
  • Includes everything you need already assembled (weather resistant nails, instructions, etc.) Note: Parts may vary slightly in appearance due to slight variability in inventory, but all the components will be included and will function virtually identically.

This type of kit is not available anywhere else on the internet, and not anywhere in person that I’ve ever seen. But if it was available and you did all the research and you bought all the parts separately it would cost you close to $800.

But this has been packaged together and as a result are offering it at our thank you sale price of only $499.99.

Plus, until tonight, Friday, May 5th, 2017 you get free shipping on your order as a special holiday sale promotion. Normally shipping is $100.00. But today, you pay no shipping costs.

Keep in mind, this kit includes everything you need to get started beekeeping the right way. And these kits come already assembled. No assembly is required. Other kits just don’t give you what you need to start out right.


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