There are a number of choices for uncapping honey for extraction.

Some will simply use a cappings scratcher.  Others choose to use a serrated bread knife and simply “saw” off the cappings.

For most who need to process a number of frames the electric uncapping knife is the option to choose.

The knife works by heating up, helping you slice of the cappings quickly and simply.  Some knives come with temperature controls and you can even get some that vibrate.  Like most things however, the more options you have the more costly the product becomes.

If the electric knife is out of your budget you might check your local beekeeping organization.  Some will rent cappings tanks, electric knives and the like when they rent an extractor to you.

One last note, keep the knife steady when cutting off the cappings and don’t try to “dig in” to get cappings that are too shallow for the knife to cut off easily.  Many a comb has been damaged by an electric uncapping knife used incorrectly!

What do you use to uncap your honey comb?

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